Imagine your brother or sister was was being tortured, maimed, raped, used in biological warfare experiments or subjected to other atrocities by the North Korean government. Wouldn't you be outraged by its atrocities?

Should we be any less outraged about our brothers and sisters in Christ being subjected to such atrocities by the North Korean government?

Sheltering, clothing and feeding North Korean Christians as per Jesus' words in Matthew 25:41-46 shouldn't be an obligation but a desire and a conviction of every true member of Christ's body.

It is also a privilege. Some North Koreans who cross into China and are saved return to North Korea to evangelize until their arrest and execution. The Lord is preparing a mighty victory in North Korea, the glory for which will go not to a nation, organization or even Christian group, but to Himself. It is a privilege for us to be used by God in this victory by supporting some of the bravest Christians in the world today.

What can we do?

PRAY for the Christians in North Korea who worship the Lord in secret, those in concentration camps, those in China, and those who have gone back to North Korea to evangelize. Pray also for the Lord to pierce with His truth the hearts of their captors, torturers, killers and even Kim Jong Un, as well as the Chinese who hunt them or traffic North Korean women. And pray for Chinese Christians and the missionaries in China who are sheltering and caring for them, teaching and supplying them with the Word of God.

WRITE to world leaders. You are welcome to use these drafted letters/emails to Kim Jong Un, the leaders of USA, China and the United Nations.

TELL others what you know about the North Korean Christians via emails, conversations, sermons, etc. If you have a website, blog or social networking profile, link to this site.

CONTACT magazines, newspapers, television networks and film makers to let them know that you'd like to read and watch reports about the North Korean Christians and refugees.

(Note: does not accept donations. If you wish to support the Christians in or from North Korea with the money and/or time that God has entrusted to you, these organizations may be able to point you to specific needs and/or roles. Another credible source is Suzanne Scholte, who is neither associated with nor aware of this referral.)