Dear Mr. Tim Peters:

Greetings in Christ.

While the majority of content in the public domain about you and Helping Hands Korea is understandably favorable, some concerns have been raised about the Family Care Foundation (a.k.a. Family Missionary Fellowship, The Children of God, The Family International, The Family, etc.) through which your website asks Americans to donate (http://www.helpinghandskorea.org/howtohelp.htm), and whose website features you prominently (http://www.familycare.org/network/p01.htm).

In addition, the following source - http://www.exfamily.org/hist/pseudonyms_footnotes.shtml - quotes you as follows:

"Yes, I do have FM status in the Family Missionary Fellowship... As another matter of record, mention of the Family Missionary Fellowship as an integral part of my missionary training has been stated by me in several prominent interviews, including NEWSWEEK, Feb. 7th, 2001 (regional East Asian edition). I also mentioned it in a long interview that was published with one of the primary English dailies here several years ago... OK, to sum up, I'm FM and proud to be so..."

"I am a tentmaker lay missionary who has supported his family with a modest day job for years and moonlights as an NGO volunteer that works to feed the hungry and attempts to rescue the persecuted and downtrodden in very dangerous circumstances. After considerable research into other foundations, I have found that the 10% that the Family Care Foundation uses for its administrative expenses is considered frugal by any measure.”

Those considering contributing to the Lord’s work in North Korea through Helping Hands Korea would be grateful for your responses to a few questions intended put to rest the concerns raised:

What is your history and relationship, both past and present, with Family Care Foundation / Family Missionary Fellowship / The Children of God / The Family International any other name by which this group may be known?

What is your opinion on this (these) group(s)’ condoning or even promoting sex between minors or between minors and adults among its members?

Do the two quotes above accurately reflect your statements? If not, could you please provide the correct versions?

Does Family Care Foundation still take 10% of the amounts donated to Helping Hands Korea through Family Care Foundation? If a cheaper option could be found for Helping Hands Korea, would you switch away from Family Care Foundation?

The other organizations like Voice of the Martyrs and Open Doors disclose their financial statements. Are Helping Hands Korea’s financial statements available online as well? If not, could you please provide one?

Thank you.