Letter to Kim Jong Un: Letter to Kim Jong Un


(Please feel free to copy, edit if and as desired, sign and send this letter to Kim Jong Un of North Korea.)

Kim Jong Un
Chosun Communist Party
Kumsoosan, Miam-dong, Daesung district
Pyongyang, Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK)

Dear Mr. Chairman:

The best-case scenario according to your generals - to rule over a re-unified Korea - would put you where Nicolai Ceausescu, Moammar Quadaffi and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali were before they were toppled and imprisoned or killed by popular uprisings.

Having been educated in Switzerland, you know perfectly well that North Korea is not the workers' paradise. That truth is now reaching your people, who listen to radio broadcasts and watch DVDs from abroad, cross into China, and trade in markets across North Korea that you now must tolerate, lest the people starve and rise up.

Juche failed because it is a fake imitation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the power of which your grandfather witnessed and wanted for himself.

If you try to perpetuate Juche, you and your people will perish. If you instead turn to and rebuild your nation on the true Gospel of Jesus Christ, you and your people will live, now and forever.

Christians in and outside your nation are praying for you to be a repentant visionary who leads his people out of darkness and into the light, empowered not by America or China but by the omnipotent power of Jesus Christ.

I am one of those Christians.



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