One-way Missionary to North Korea (8:41)
Orphaned daughter testifies about her father, a one-way missionary to North Korea.

North Korean Defector's Testimony (8:12)
Sufferings of a North Korean defector converted in China.

The Great Escape from North Korea (19:24)
Refugees escaping from North Korea.

Inside North Korea 2017 (54:26)
North Korea under Kim Jong Un, the resurrected Kim Il Sung

Report Inside North Korea Part 1 (8:29), Part 2 (8:29), Part 3 (6:58), Part 4 (6:58)
BBC documentary from inside North Korea.

Bible 'Balloon Offensive' Floats into North Korea (5:30)
Smuggling Bibles into North Korea by air.

Children of the Secret State
Starving North Korean orphans, filmed with a hidden camera, opium production, cannibalism.

North Korea's Personal Jesus (4:16)
Mass adoration of Kim Jong Il.

North Korea: Undercover in the Secret State (42:21)
Documentary on North Korean refugees, acts of rebellion and executions.

Public Execution in North Korea (3:22)
Execution by firing squad in Yuson, North Korea on March 2, 2005.

Undercover in North Korea (50:15)
Worship of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il after being healed by a Nepalese eye surgeon.

North Korean Refugees (17:07)
China's crackdown on North Korean refugees before the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Understanding North Korea (45:00)
Perspectives on the international relations background.

Kim Jong-Il: The Forbidden Biography Part 1 (15:00), Part 2 (15:00), Part 3 (15:00), Part 4 (7:31)
2011 documentary on the politics leading up to the succession to Kim Jong Un.

Human Flesh Being Sold In The Market (7:30)
North Korea song of sorrow.

The People's Paradise (8:32)
North Korea song of sorrow.

North Korea Undercover (29:56)
The most that can be seen during a guided 7-day tour of North Korea.

Access to Evil (59:15)
BBC documentary on North Korean prison camps with gas chambers, human experimentation and other atrocities. (This is a low resolution copy of the original video, which Google has deleted. If you come across a better quality copy, please advise.)