US Policy Towards North Korea: Flawed US Policy Towards North Korea

LETTER TO US Leaders Concerning Policy Towards North Korea

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Dear Mr. President/Secretary/Senator/Congressman, etc.

I am writing to point out a critical miscalculation in the US foreign policy towards North Korea that can lead to catastrophic consequences.

Libya's Moammar Quadaffi was told to give up his nuclear program in exchange for acceptance into the international community. He complied and in exchange was bombed from the air and killed by a NATO-supported militia.

Now, North Korea's Kim Jong Un is being told to give up his nuclear program in exchange for acceptance into the international community...

Kim Jong Un knows that giving up his nuclear program will grant him as much acceptance into the international community as Quadaffi was granted, and only make him vulnerable to a fate like Quadaffi's.

For Kim Jong Un to give up his nuclear program, he needs to feel secure that he will be embraced by the international community thereafter. And for the international community to embrace Kim Jong Un, he needs to have earned that embrace by cleaning up North Korea's atrocious human rights record, starting with the cessation of religious persecution, closure of concentration camps and the liberation of their political prisoner population.

The present US policy of seeking North Korea's nuclear disarmament without addressing its human rights violations is not only strategically flawed, but also unconscionable and un-American. It must be replaced with a policy that prods Kim Jong Un to clean up North Korea's human rights violations before or while pushing for nuclear disarmament.



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