(Email received August 25, 2009)

Hello , my name is Raquel , I am 17 years old and I live in Costa Rica Central America. I have been reading and searching information about North Korea and Christians there. Now I know the reality they are living and my heart has been touched. I am in a church school , and tomorrow I am going to give an oral report about all this situation in North Korea to my classmates. Maybe I am so young , and I can´t do more than pray and pray and pray for North Korea, but I am here , I am going to tell to others about this situation , to my pastor , my friends at church , my family , and I am going to pray for North Korea , I promise . I would like to help more , but our Havenly Father is stronger than any King ,nation , or law. Here , in Costa Rica , people is praying for North Korea . Never give up!

If there is another thing we can do to help , please tell me . God will make a way , and I will not forget Christians in North Korea . They are my family, and families are there in hard times . Tomorrow, many young people will know about this situation , and I am sure , every one will be touched and will pray , the same way as me , for this country and our brothers and sisters there .Though I am many miles away , I will not forget North Korea , count with our prayers.

Raquel Hernandez Hidalgo